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A letter to your younger brother advising him to be attentive in his study

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Suppose your brother has become inattentive to his study. He wastes time in vain or in frivolous pursuit. Now write a letter to your younger brother advising him to be sincere and attentive to his study.

Write a letter to your younger brother to be sincere and attentive to his study

Dear Rahim,

I haven’t received a letter from you in a long time. We recently received a letter from your head teacher. We are shocked to learn that you have failed the second terminal test. You are a gifted student. You got a scholarship in the initial exam. How can you fail? You know we all expect something good from you. But you have greatly disappointed us.

We are anxious that you are wasting your time in vain. But this conduct does not become of you. You should think about your future. Remember time once gone never be got back. You should also know “Life is what we made it”. Student life is said to be the seed time of life. As you sow so shall you reap-goes a proverb. This proverb is quite consistent with the student life. The success and happiness in life depend on how we have spent our student life.

Remember you have to stand on your feet. If you do not use your time properly and study well, it will bring sorrows and sufferings for you. I also want to remind you that we come of a middle class family.Our educational expenses are borne with great difficulty. We should not do anything which can pain our parents. You should not waste your time and keep bad company. You should be
sincere, devoted and regular to your studies. you must learn to value time and give up bad habits and bad company.

With love and best wishes,
Your elder brother

Suppose your younger brother is not punctual. He is in the habit of putting off things. Now,

Write a letter to your brother advising him to be attentive to his studies.

Mirzapur Cadet College
14th June, 2001

My dear Titoo,

I am very sorry to learn that your results in the Half-yearly
Examination are not at all satisfactory. This shows that you are not so regular in your studies rather you are wasting your valuable time in frivolous pursuits. So I can not but sound a note of warning to you. You will go to school everyday, sit in the first bench, listen to your teachers and do your home task and class work attentively. Do not put off your task till tomorrow what you can do today. Because tomorrow has its owns tasks. Then if you put off your task for the best time, it will never done and you fall back. Life does not wait for the best time. Remember present time is the best time, present action is the best action. You know the story of the hare and tortoise. You cannot do well by working like hare. So you should be regular in your studies and engage your whole hearted attention. Always bear in mind that people suffer greatly for their bad habit of putting off their work. There is a well known wise saying–” Time and tide wait for none and if time is goes, it is gone for ever.” You can never regain lost time. There is no use having regretted later on. Be punctual. I am sure you will take this in right spirit. I want to see that you have stood first in your class in the next Annual Examination.

My best affection and wishes for you,

Affectionately yours

(খাম ব্যক্তিগত পত্রের একটি অংশ। সুতরাং প্রতিটি ব্যক্তিগত পত্রের পরে শিক্ষার্থীকে অবশ্যই খাম
এঁকে দিতে হবে। )

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