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Paragraph: A railway station | Class 6,7,8,10 | HSC, SSC, JSC |

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Suppose, you have traveled via train many times. Now write a paragraph on a railway station following these questions-

  • What is a railway station
  • How exactly a do a railway station look like?
  • Which things are seen in a railway station?
  • What makes the railway station a place of din and bustle?
  • Is it necessary to have railway stations?

A railway station paragraph 300 words

A railway station is a place where trains regularly stops to take in and set down passengers and goods. It is marked by a platform or platforms and a main buildings. It also marked by a few signboards with the name of the station inscribed on them. There are some other minor buildings and sheds quite close to the main building. The main building provides accommodation for offices of the Station. Master and the Assistant station Master, the booking offices and waiting rooms for passengers. A small station has only few tracks and waiting room for passengers. But a big ones have many tracks and a number of platforms. The platforms at important stations are more raised than those at less important ones. An important station is always very busy place and almost alway crowded. At such a station there are
refreshment room and large waiting rooms Small stations have only small tea stalls and usually no waiting room for upper class passengers. At a station there are signal to regulate the running trains. A railway plat form is a place of din and bustle. Most time people are seen in groups sitting 2around their belongings talking or laughing themselves. Hawkers with their goods, scattered is a common sight. They are found crying out with shrill voice to sell their goods. Another common sight is that of many beggars with different looks begging alms. A railway station presents different pictures at different times. Sometimes it is calm and quiet. But with the arrival of a train it became a place of noise and bustle. Passengers are then seen hurrying about in search of their compartments or any convenient compartment. Porters rush forward carrying loads of luggage’s. The station guards are seen standing on the platform to show signals with green or red flags. In a railway station generally a book stall is seen in a corner. Various types of books, magazines and newspapers are sold there. Thus the importance of a railway station needs no telling. It is a duty of all to keep the station clean and chaos free.

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