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A Rickshaw Puller Paragraph | JSC, SSC, HSC |

by Curiosityn

Here listing, A rickshaw puller paragraph for class 9 10 or HSC level students. It is also for class 6 to 8. If you write this writing, your teacher would be pleased.

Life of A Rickshaw Puller Paragraph Class: (9 – 10)

A person who makes a living by driving a rickshaw is called a rickshaw driver or rickshaw puller. A rickshaw puller is a well-known person in any city, big or small. Nowadays rickshaw pullers can also be seen on the village roads. A rickshaw puller is usually found near the office, school, college, university or market. He can also be seen at bus stands, railway stations, ferries and important road junctions. Most rickshaw pullers do not have a rickshaw of their own. A rickshaw driver rents a rickshaw in the morning or in the afternoon in exchange for a certain amount of money from the owner of the rickshaw. Then he went down the street in search of passengers. He rides a rickshaw in the morning or late at night. Sometimes with a tired body he picks up the rickshaw hut and rests there. He buys food from a cheap hotel on the sidewalk. A rickshaw puller usually gets along well with passengers. But sometimes he gets into fights with passengers over fares. He struggles to support her family. He lives in a slum area of ​​the city. Even though he works hard, he cannot change his destiny. A rickshaw puller lives an inhuman life, we should always treat them well. We can’t help them financially, we can only satisfy them in a humane way.

A Rickshaw Puller Paragraph 300 words (HSC)

The rickshaw puller is a poor day laborer who makes a living by driving a rickshaw. He is a well-known person in our country. He usually lives in a slum area. He carries passengers and goods in rickshaws from one place to another in exchange for rent. Very few rickshaw pullers have their own rickshaws. Usually a rickshaw puller rents a rickshaw from the owner on a daily basis. He goes out on the road in a rickshaw and works late into the night. He is usually a quiet man. He has to work in all weathers, good and bad. Sometimes he gets tired, but can’t rest. A rickshaw puller earns only Tk 600-700 a day. Sometimes it comes down to the lowest level. Then it became difficult for him to support his family. He eats day after day. He cannot provide adequate food, education and treatment to his family. Even sometimes they have to starve. In spite of all these circumstances, he is proud to live on the honest income earned in return for his sweat. He enjoys serving people at the lowest possible price. Some people often use rudeness with the rickshaw puller, which should not be done at all. Remember, they are actually serving us. So be kind to them. His service is truly great. He is everyone’s friend.

Hope, this paragraph writing on life of a rickshaw puller, helped you. If there is any grammatical error, don’t hesitate to comment below.

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