About us

I am student, studying in Khulna Public College. I love blogging. Here I write on a variety of topics, including essays, paragraphs, and commentaries.

Here I have collected the Bengali essays from many books and made a lot of time and arranged them and updated some of the essays in line with the present time which may have been based on a lot of old information in the books. Many compositions, expressions, paragraphs, compositions have been collected from multiple books and given more than once. Which is very rare online.

While going to work, many times unknowingly typing-mistake or any other kind of mistake can happen. So if you see a mistake somewhere in your eye, please let us know in the comment box. Because others should not learn mistakes, do not know mistakes.

I believe in sharing knowledge. I think if we share what we know or what we have in the net with others, our knowledge does not decrease but increases. In this way, if everyone shares their own nets at the end of the semester, it is impossible to imagine how useful it would be for their next six siblings. So let us all share our knowledge.

Here you can easily get your desired text. Bless so that this blog goes much further.

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