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Completing Story: A Thirsty Crow | SSC, HSC |

by Curiosityn
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A thirsty Crow (Easy) |SSC|

On a hot and sunny day, a thirsty crow flew over fields and trees, desperately searching for a drink of water. Its throat was parched, and its beak felt as dry as sandpaper. As the crow continued its quest, it spotted a small village near. It flew down and saw a jug in a courtyard, but there was only a tiny bit of water at the bottom, far out of reach for the crow.The clever crow thought for a moment and got an exclusive idea. As per that, it started picking up small pebbles, which were lying on the groundground and dropped them one by one into the jug. Each pebble made a tiny splash, and the water level rose a little. The crow repeated this until the water was high enough for it to take a refreshing drink. With a quenched thirst, the crow felt invigorated and flew away happily, leaving the villagers amazed at its intelligence.This clever crow taught everyone that even when faced with challenges, a little ingenuity can help overcome them.

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