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Composition: A street accident | Road accident |

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A street accident composition

» A road accident composition

The world and the people living here are very busy these days. Our towns and cities are populous and ever busier. All kinds of vehicles are moving very fast on the roads all day long. So accidents are very common now. Almost every day we see some kind of accident in the newspaper. The most common accidents are road accidents. Accidents usually happen due to carelessness.

Various types of accidents cause human suffering. I witnessed the accident, the road accident. It was a serious accident. I was shocked to see this.

It was 4.00 pm. I was passing through Aricha road by bus. I witnessed an accident in Nabinagar on my way. Our bus had to stop as the victim bus blocked the road.

Our bus was running. Another bus was moving in front of us. Suddenly the brakes of our bus screeched loudly and we heard an explosion. There was much crying before us. We saw the bus. The one that was running ahead of us, overturned. There was also a loaded truck on the road. The truck coming from the opposite direction hit the bus.

The bus driver and six passengers were killed on the spot. Some of the injured passengers have been admitted to hospital. The truck driver abandoned the truck and ran away. The accident was the saddest experience of my life. Sometimes this memory scares me.

The accident traumatized me so much that I was unable to perform my normal duties for a few days. It is truly the most memorable day of my life. We can avoid many accidents by following the rules. We also have to be careful in our actions to avoid accidents.

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