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A dialogue about the importance of learning English |

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A dialogue between two friends about the importance of learning English – 1

Ques: Write a dialogue between two friends about the importance of learning english.


Rakib : Hey, Rahim, Have you known the fact that near about 1.5 billion people worldwide speak English either natively or as a second language?

Rahim : Seriously? Why it seems so important?

Rakib : Yes it is. Communicative English is such a method by which we communicate with the people of other countries.

Rahim : English is quite difficult to me to learn. So I avoid it.

Rakib : You shouldn’t. Because you will have to study your books in English at higher levels.

Rahim: Does it have any real life value?

Rakib: Obviously. By learning English, our youths can become skilled workforce.

Rahim: May be you are right. The youths are unemployed because they have no command of English language.

Rakib : Absolutely.

Rahim : I would appreciate to hearing more.

Rakib : We have to learn English well to have a good job in our country or abroad.

Rahim : Are you telling me that It is English, which is important to ensure a good job?

Rakib : Yes. Because It is only the medium by which we can communicate with others at personal, social, national and international levels.

Rahim : Thanks for your informations.

Rakib : Welcome. See you later.

Rahim : Bye!

A dialogue between me and my friend about the importance of learning English -2

Rahat : What are you watching so attentively?

Karim : A global Animal Nature show

Rahat : Do you understand the language they
are saying?

Karim : Yes. I can speak and understand English very well.

Rahat : Please point out some important facts, about the significant of learning English. I am joining a three months course to learn it. So I am very much interested.

Karim : As you can see, you will be able to watch international TV shows and affairs.

Rahat : Tell me more.

Karim: Ok. By learning English, you can gain the quality to express your thoughts towards global natives.Rahat: That’s awsome

Rahat : Awesome.

Karim : As the lingua franca, English is used in most of countries. So, If you want to make a tour in a foreign country, English is a must.

Rahat : You ar right. English can be said the border breaker of the huge earth.

Karim : Do you know that in order to open a bank account nowadays English is needed for every citizen?

Rahat : Oh, yes. I have seen that before in my father’s
account opening case.

Karim : To ensure a suitable and a secure job English can help you out.

Rahat : Of course. I will work hard to develop my
skills in English Tank you so much.

Karim : Welcome, friend.

Quick revise about the importance of learning English:

  • i) To pursue a good job at home or abroad
  • ii) Economic development
  • iii) International communication
  • iv) In order to gain a skilled workforce
  • v) Books on different branches are written
  • in English.
  • vi) In order to keep pace with advanced
  • countries.
  • Vii) Worldwide travel
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