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The owner of this blog directly acknowledges that-

  • Almost all the writings of this blog are collected from different books.
  • The owner of this blog is not responsible if anyone collects the writings of this blog and uses them in his / her education or work life and if it harms him / her or anyone else.
  • Writings of this blog does not confirm the full number in the exam.
  • Not all of this blogger’s writing is the blog owner’s own creation. Most of the writings are collected from books by different authors.
  • This blog is making money through advertising. Due to which the visitor may be a bit embarrassed.
  • World information also changes over time. So some paste information may not be updated.
  • If someone uses this blog as a reference to prove the authenticity of the information, it will not be acceptable.
  • Lastly, this blog is not 100 percent pure.

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