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A book fair paragraph | 200 & 250 words|

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A book fair paragraph 200 words (For class 6/7/8)

A book fair is a fair where books are displayed and sold in stores lined up at a specific place. Book fairs play an essential role in building a creative superstition-free, open-minded conscious nation. People from all walks of life are seen crowding the book fair. Usually this crowd is a little more towards the evening. Some are busy buying books, while others are seen crowding into various food stalls. There is no place to set foot in the book fair on special days. In order to give extra joy and encouragement to the people who come to the fair, discussions, recitation of poems, music are arranged here. Book fair becomes festive in literary discussions and cultural events. The book is a unique manifestation of human kindness. So there is no substitute for books in the development of humanity. The book fair is a tasteful event beyond economic thought. Therefore, the effect of book fair in inspiring people for better life and humanity is immense.

A book fair paragraph 250 words (Class 9-10) SSC

A book fair is an organized display of a large number of books enclosed/ surrounded by a temporary fencing is selected for arranging/holding such an exhibition. Books of different tastes on different subjects are kept/ displayed/ exhibited in a good number of stalls for both sale and advertisement. The stalls of different shapes and sizes are beautifully decorated to attract/ draw the attention of the book-lovers, It is a very charming and popular place especially for the book-lovers like the teachers, the students, the poets even some authors. In fact, thousands of visitors of different ages crowd/gather here to manage books after their sweet choice in exchange of money. Some people gather here even in full family. Thus a book fair provides the readers with a golden chance of having choice of books and meeting with their favourite authors. In such a fair, there is also an arrangement of refreshment for the exhausted customers/ visitors. Some people come here only for recreation. In Bangladesh, book fairs are mainly held in the cities and the towns. Those are generally arranged on the occasions of ‘Ekushey February’ at Bangla Academy premise and ‘Eid-E-Miladunnabi at Baitul Mokarram compound. However, book fairs play a vital role in spreading education, knowledge and national heritage, history, culture etc. of a country. Again books are our best friends. They widen our outlook and broaden our minds and views. The utility of a book fair needs no telling. Hence, it should be made more popular for a better and happier national life.

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