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Water pollution paragraph | (150-200-250-300) words |

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Water pollution paragraph for class 6/7 (150 words)

Water is very important element of the nature. It is very
essential for life. So water is called “life”. But only clean water is safe for use and impure water is very dangerous indeed. Water can be polluted in many ways and very easily. We pollute water throwing waste into it. Farmers use insecticides and chemical things into pond, rivers and canals. The seas are polluted by industrial waste, chemicals and other poisons. The Mediterranean is already nearly dead. The North sea is following. Many lakes have become filthy. All these are producing disastrous effect on our environment.

Water pollution paragraph for class 8 – JSC (200 words)

Water pollution refers to the contamination of water by dirt, garbage or other substances. Water is a very important element of the natural environment. Water is essential for life. Clean water is healthy and drinkable but polluted water is very harmful. Water pollution is one of the major problems of recent times. Water pollution occurs in many ways. Farmers use chemical fertilizers and pesticides on their land hoping for higher yields. These are washed into rivers by floods or rainwater and cause water pollution. Factories throw their waste into rivers and canals and thus pollute the water. Again, engine-driven launches and steamers pollute the water by dumping oil, food waste and human waste. People often get sick and even die from drinking this contaminated water. So we have to prevent water pollution at any cost. Industrial waste shall not be discharged into or from rivers in any way. We also need to be more careful in disposing of household waste. Farmers must be aware of the dangers of pesticide use. Our awareness is very important to prevent water pollution. All concerned should be aware to keep water pollution free. Finally, the government should adopt integrated programs to prevent water pollution.

Water pollution paragraph for class 9-10 – SSC (250 words)

Pollution is known as the dangerous crisis of environment. Among various types of pollution water pollution costs a great loss for human.Water is one of the most valuable elements of environment. But mostly human are responsible for polluting this valuable element.There are many reason for water pollution. By throwing plastic bags and polythene people pollutes water. People also taint water through throwing household wastes. Often the scene of bathing cows and goats are seen on the banks of river. This is another reason of polluting water. Now a days industrial factories are set up on the bank of river. As a result industrial waste and radioactive waste are fallen into the river which pollutes the water. For agricultural purpose pesticides is used. This pesticides are washed into rivers by rain water. As it is seen that water is polluted by human but also human get punished for this contamination. As the result of water pollution we face acid rain. It is harmful for our agricultural land. This acid rain reduces soil fertility. It also effects our economy. Again if we use the polluting water for our regular use we can be caught by different disease. Such as by drinking these polluting water, diarrhea, cholera and other skin disease can attack. Water pollution is harmful for both human and environment. Water is such an important element of environment. People should be careful of throwing wastes into river. So in order to keep the water clean and keep ourselves free from disease we should not pollute water anymore.

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