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Write a letter to your father preparation for the s.s.c exam |

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Suppose your test is approaching. You are busy with your studies. Your father wants to know about your exam preparation. Now write a letter informing your father about the preparation for the upcoming test.

A letter to your father preparation for the upcoming s.s.c examination

My dear father,

I just received your letter. You wanted to know how much I was prepared for the upcoming test.
Our preparatory test will start from 2nd November. You will be happy to know that I have made equal progress in all areas. You know I’m weak in math. However, under the guidance of a teacher, I have improved as expected. Hopefully I will be able to get full marks in this regard. I’m still working hard. Hope to do better in the next test. Pray to Allah for my success.
I’m fine. Give my greetings and love to my mother.

Your loving son


Suppose your final examination is knocking at the door. Your father has written a letter to know about your preparation for the ensuing examination. Now,

Write a letter to your father informing him of preparation for the final examination

Govt High school
4th February, 2001

My dear father,

Your kind letter is just to hand. I feel your anxiety about my preparation for the ensuing final examination. But I assure you that I shall do well in the final examination. I have completed my syllabus thoroughly and now I am trying to revise them again and again. You know our English book is a new one. It has introduced a new method. But I think it is easy. There is no need to memorize narrative question answers. You know that I am good at mathematics. Physics and chemistry also seem very interesting to me. I hope that I shall do well in the examination by the grace of Allah. I am sure that I shall secure the first position with credit. Do not be anxious for me. I am all right.

My best regards for you and mother and love to the younger,

Your loving son
(খাম ব্যক্তিগত পত্রের একটি অংশ। সুতরাং প্রতিটি ব্যক্তিগত পত্রের পরে শিক্ষার্থীকে অবশ্যই খাম
এঁকে দিতে হবে।)

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