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Write a dialogue about Bad effects of Smoking

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Searching for A Dialogue on “bad effects of smoking”? Here is the solution by class based. Bonus: Quick memorizing materials.

Effects of smoking on the respiratory system

In short: Smoking can cause temporary or permanent lung disease by primarily damaging the airways and lung air sacs (alveoli).

Write a dialogue between two friends about the bad effects of smoking class (6,7,8)

Suvro: Hello Sohel! How was your day?

Sohel: It was good. How are you?

Suvro: I am fine. I have heard that you are addicted to smoking. Don’t you know about the dangerous effect of smoking?

Sohel : Actually i am not addicted but i like to smoke. Does it too much dangerous? I have heard that it feels free after smoking.

Suvro: It is for sometime. But it brings a big loss in your body. Smoking causes various disease.

Sohel: What types of disease?

Suvro: Smoking causes cough, bronchitis, lung cancer, heart diseases etc. It also blocks blood circulation.

Sohel : Doesn’t is have any good effects?

Suvro: Of course not. Rather it also cause mental problems. It causes memory loss.

Sohel: Then why people smoke?

Suvro: Most of the people do it as a passion then it becomes habit and other do it for removing tension. But it is not good for anything. Rather cigarette is costly.

Sohel: You are right.

Suvro: Not only smoking causes physical problems but also it is waste of money.

Sohel: Thanks for your information. Now i have understand and i will give up this habit

Suvro: You are welcome. Bye!

A dialogue about bad effects of smoking for class 10/12 (SSC/HSC)

Suvro: Hello Durjoy. It seems good to meet with you.

Durjoy : Hello! Of course. We haven’t met in recent few days.

Suvro : So, is everything good? I have heard that you have become a chain smoker?

Durjoy : You have heard the truth. Recently i have started smoking.

Suvro : Why? Don’t you know about the bad effect of smoking?

Durjoy: Actually recently i have been suffering from family problems. And cigarettes help me to forget the tension and depression.

Suvro : But it is injurious to health. Rather smoking you should give effort to your family and solve family problem.

Durjoy: You are right but things are very complicated. Depression and tension are teasing me. I can’t get out of them. For this cigarette is my only opinion.

Suvro: But cigarettes contain nicotine and tobacco. It causes different disease including bronchitis, lungs cancer etc.

Durjoy: Is smoking that effective?

Suvro: Yes. It pushes you towards death.
Smoker live 10 years less than normal People.

Durjoy: I didn’t know about so much bad effects of smoking.

Suvro: Not only physical effect but also it causes mental bad effect. Like it causes memory loss. By smoking one forgets anything easily. Which is bad for a student.

Durjoy : It is really bad for a person. I should give up the habit of smoking.

Suvro: Yes. You can remove your tension and depression in different ways but not by smoking.

Durjoy: Thanks for your discussion. I will try my best to give up this habit.

Suvro: You are welcome. See you later. Bye.

Durjoy: Bye!

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List of diseases caused by smoking

  1. Cough
  2. Lungs cancer
  3. Bronchitis
  4. Heart disease
  5. Stroke
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