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A School Magazine paragraph

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A School Magazine paragraph Class 6,7,8 (250 words)

A magazine, which carries the dormant talent of the students of a specific school and yearly school activities is called a school magazine. A school magazine depicts the co-curricular activities capacity of the school. Poems, short stories, dramas etc are composed in a school magazine and those are written by the students and teachers. It breaks the obstacle between the thoughts of the teachers and the students. A committee is formed to conduct the process. First the class teachers collect the writings from the students and then hand them over to the authorities. Two students and some of the teachers check the writings and select them. At last the Chief Editor finalize them and send them for printing. A school magazine develops our team spirit, literary spirit and creative thinking. The spirit of future leader, writer, researcher is developed through this. It makes the school unique to the students by highlighting the school’s progress. Teachers present their real life experiences in writing to the students. So, A school magazine is not just a bunch of papers but a provider of overall entertainment and education.

A School Magazine paragraph Class 9-10 SSC (300 words)

A school magazine is an important document for school. It can mirror the school. A school magazine is such a book which contains different memories of school’s teachers and students. Every well established school try to publish a school magazine every year as it catches all the moment of that school. Mainly students and teachers write different article and poetry in the school magazine. The School committee makes a team for the event of school magazine. Publishing a magazine is not an easy task. Teachers and students have to work hard for a school magazine. Different moments, poetry and article on different subject are written by the students. A school magazine helps the students differently. As the students write different story, article and poetry, it develops the power of thinking of students. The power of fantasy is develop by Writing these things which helps the students to become a great writer in future. At first students writes and then they give it to the magazine committee. The committee selects some pictures, article, poetry, drawings and story which is really a hard task. In a school magazine there is also precious lines of the head teacher and assistant teacher which can easily inspire the students. A school magazine is an asset of a school. Again it gives opportunity to the students for publishing their hidden talent. A person can easily know about a school culture, sports, talent, function, history through a school magazine. Besides a student really become happy when he finds his writing into the magazine. It makes him confident for building up a bright future. If a school has magazine it seems like the school don’t have enough reputation. So a school magazine is a part and parcel of a school. Every school can not but publish a school magazine for their own reputation and history.

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