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Paragraph: Drug addiction | SSC, HSC | (Unique & easy)

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Drug addiction paragraph 200 words

Drug addiction is a stealthy adversary, weaving a web of dependence that ensnares its victims. It is a battle fought not just in isolation, but in the hearts of families and communities. Drug addiction is a serious problem that affects many people and it can be really hard to beat. It’s like being stuck in a cycle that’s hard to break out of. It doesn’t just harm the person using the drug; It can also cause family and community problems. This can lead to reduced school performance, strained relationships with family and friends, and damage to trust. But the good news is, people can recover from addiction. It is a journey that requires support from friends, family and sometimes professionals. Being understanding and kind to someone going through it can make a huge difference in their recovery.

Drug addiction paragraph Class 9-10 (SSC) -250 words

Drug addiction,great attraction to some injurious illegal substance, is a complex problem that often begins innocently enough but can quickly spiral out of control. Mostly young generation gets easily addicted to drug. There are many legal and illegal things known as drugs. Alcohol, nicotine, marijuana, heroin etc are known as drugs. It is a cunning seducer, ensnaring its victims with false promises of euphoria while mercilessly destroying their lives. There are different cause of drug addiction. As young generation gets addicted mostly to drugs, emotional, family problem and social pressure are considered as the main reason. Educational frustration, lack of love, lack of family support, depression, are also other causes of drug addiction. Sometimes sexual abuse pushes one towards drug addiction. Again some people take drugs as a habit or as a term of curiosity. Young people generally stay in groups. As a friend of the group they take drugs from one another. Drug addiction is problematic for health. It brings untimely death. It also causes various disease like brain cancer, heart attack, stock, blood cancer etc. In order to get reduction from drug addiction one need family love and social support. One can not get out from this addiction at a time. It needs few months or years to get rid from this addiction. Understanding, compassion and support are allies in this war, providing a lifeline to those trapped.

Drug Addiction paragraph HSC 300 words

Drug addiction is problematic both for physical and mental condition. It is also destructive for society. As drug contains nicotine, tobacco and many illegal substance it is seriously injurious for health. Though it gives a different feel or amusement for Sometimes but it does big injury to health. Mainly young boys and girls are addicted to drug. It obviously has particular reason. In the young generation emotional breakdown, educational damage and frustration, lack of love, family problems, sexual abuse etc work more. At a time they become depressed and go towards the way of drug addiction. There are some other people who pushes drug into body as curiosity. There are different kinds of drug including alcohol, eyaba, heroine etc. When a person takes drug he cannot control himself. It is a serious problem for society. Again different dangerous disease like blood cancer, brain cancer, heart attack, lung cancer are caused by drug. Though drugs give relief from depression for few times it is not good for health. Repeatedly nobody likes a drug addicted person. No one respects a drug addicted person. Rather they hate them. A drug addicted person is a curse for society. Though there is rehabilitation centre for drug addicted people but it is quite difficult to get them rid of this addiction. Drug is injurious for health. As young people get easily addicted to drug, family and friends should stay beside them. They should give them support and love. As a result they can get out of depression and anxiety. It helps to release their pressure. Social improvement and advanced mentality can help in case of reducing drug addiction. So, we can not but stay away from such illegal substance called drug and make a healthy Society.

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