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Metro Rail paragraph (100 words)

Dhaka Metro Rail is a new transportation system being built in Dhaka, Bangladesh to help solve the city’s traffic and air pollution problems. The metro rail will cover about 23 kilometers and have 16 stops. It is expected to be finished by 2026 and will make traveling easier and faster for people. The government of Bangladesh and Japan are working together to build this project, which will also be environmentally friendly by using renewable energy. Overall, Dhaka Metro Rail will be a modern and helpful addition to the city.

Metro Rail paragraph (250 words)

The Metrorail project under Dhaka Mass Transit Company Limited is a timely and groundbreaking project to decongest and de-congest the capital Dhaka. Public transport like Metrorail can be an effective alternative system to handle the pressure of large number of passengers and vehicles in the capital city of Dhaka of around one and a half million people. Metrorail is an electric vehicle. Trains with more modern facilities will run over the railway line laid on Udal Road. The length of metro rail from Uttara to Motijheel in the capital will be 20.01 km. This long route will have 16 stations. On December 28, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina completed the inauguration ceremony of Uttara to Agargaon Metro Rail. The first phase will have 9 stations from Uttara to Agargaon. Each train will have 6 coaches. Each room will be spacious and air-conditioned. There will be comfortable seats for passengers. There will be a special compartment for women. 14 trains will run on Uttara-Motijheel route. Each train can carry 942 seated passengers and 574 standing passengers. The train takes 38 minutes to reach its final destination at a speed of 32 km per hour. Passengers will pay the fare at the machine through automated card. The maximum rent has been fixed at a minimum of 20 taka, a maximum of 100 taka. Possible completion of Metrorail project is 2025.

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