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Paragraph: Our national flag | Class 3,4&5| Easy |

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Our national flag paragraph for class Three & Four

Our national flag is truly unique and meaningful. It is rectangular with a length to width ratio of 10:6 It consists of a rectangular shape with a large green area and a red circle in the center. This flag represents the natural beauty, bravery and unity of Bangladesh. Green symbolizes prosperity and youth, while red symbolizes sacrifice and bravery. Our national flag represents the sanctity and cultural heritage of the country. This flag fills Bangladeshis with great pride, reminding us of our identity and the struggles we have gone through. (100 words)

Our national flag paragraph for class Five – PSC Scholarship

The national flag of Bangladesh is truly a unique and remarkable symbol that distinguishes it from other flags of the world. Its designs and colors carry special significance for our nation. The flag of Bangladesh is rectangular with a length-width ratio of 10:6. It is divided into two parts – one part is green and the center part is red. The combination of green and red in our flag has strong significance. The green color represents the lush green of our land and agricultural abundance. Red color symbolizes the courage, sacrifice and bloodshed of the freedom fighters fighting for our freedom. When we see our national flag flying proudly, it makes us proud of our unity, patriotism and identity as Bangladeshis. It is a symbol that represents our struggles, achievements and aspirations as a nation. It embodies the spirit, culture and values ​​of our country and serves as a source of inspiration for all of us. (150 words)

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Paragraph: Our national flag | SSC | Class:6,8 |

Composition: Our national flag | SSC, HSC |

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