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Hello friends. Here I am! To share easy traffic jam paragraph for class 6 or 7 or 8 or 9 or 10. Here, I have tried to gather decent writings on traffic jam paragraph from different books.

Traffic Jam paragraph 250 words (Class: 6 & 7)

If for some reason some vehicle is stationary and cannot move forward then it is called traffic jam. This is a common occurrence in the big cities of our country. It usually occurs in a busy area of ​​the city or town. This is what the townspeople face every day. This is a major problem that city dwellers face every day. There are many causes of traffic jams. Population explosion is one of them. We do not have adequate transportation facilities compared to the population. Our roads and lanes are often underdeveloped where vehicle envoys are on the rise. These vehicles do not get enough space on the road. As a result traffic jam is created. Moreover, our traffic control system is not advanced enough. People do not want to obey traffic laws. All types of vehicles run as they wish. All vehicles try to overtake the other. As a result, there is a traffic jam. The vehicles get stuck on the road. Sometimes traffic jams are so horrible that vehicles get stuck in the same place for hours on end. It brings indescribable misery to the general people and pedestrians in various vehicles. It wastes our precious time and damages our work. This problem can be solved by taking some effective steps. Traffic laws must be strictly enforced. Need to build well-planned wide roads. Mass awareness is also needed for this.

Traffic Jam paragraph 275 words (Class: 8 & 9)

Traffic jams are a well-known sight in our country, a topic of discussion and an integral part of civic life. We call it a traffic jam when extra cars fail to run at normal speeds. Error in the planning of the concerned authorities is one of the reasons for the traffic jam. However, the two main causes of traffic jams are illegal occupation of roads and violation of traffic laws. A megacity has 25% of the city’s road area. But in Dhaka there is only 6%. Many places on this street are again in the hands of various illegal occupants. The road is being made narrower and narrower by leaving shops, garbage vans and cars everywhere. Violation of traffic laws is disrupting the normal order of the road. Besides, short-sightedness of the driver, influx of people towards the city, narrow roads etc. are also some of the reasons for traffic jam. Traffic jams are taking away an average of one lakh hours from the lives of 1.5 crore city dwellers every day. Due to the traffic jam, various crimes are being committed on the roads. We are losing our precious time to traffic jams. After the fatigue of work, the lives of ordinary people who are stuck in traffic are miserable. Construction of wide roads, traffic control laws, strict enforcement of laws, etc. can play a helpful role in reducing traffic congestion. The city needs to be decentralized. Awareness of all of us can play an effective role in reducing traffic congestion. There is no alternative to solving the traffic congestion problem to make our journey on the path of development more dynamic.

Traffic jam paragraph 350 words (SSC & HSC)

If for some reason a number of vehicles are lying idle on the road, it is called a traffic jam. It is a daily occurrence in the big cities of our country. It usually occurs in the busiest areas of the city. This is one of the civic problems of urban life. Every day the people of the city have to face this unbearable problem. Population density is the main cause of traffic congestion. The increase in the number of buses, private cars, autorickshaws, rickshaws, etc. is responsible for this. Besides, the traffic system of our country is not so developed. Drivers of vehicles want to drive at will. Illegal parking of vehicles is also responsible for traffic jams. It brings indescribable misery to both the passenger and the passenger. It wastes our precious time and disrupts our work. The study found that traffic jams in Dhaka alone cost an average of about 5 million working hours a day, with a financial value of Tk 36,000 crore a year. In addition, the extra fuel that is consumed every day due to traffic jams becomes a nuisance for the national economy. It is possible to solve this problem by taking some effective steps. Traffic laws must be strictly enforced. Vehicles unsuitable for movement should be banned from moving on the road. The number of private cars should be controlled by imposing higher tariffs on them. Arrangements need to be made to increase the number of public transport. Need to build well-planned wide roads. Drivers need to be brought under proper training. Initiatives should be taken to stop the arbitrariness of parking there. Occupy sidewalks and roads to prevent the tendency to shop or keep things. People have to stop picking up people on the bus wherever they are. We have to think of taking effective measures to stop the festival of road digging. However, the emphasis should be on establishing traffic discipline. Mass awareness is also needed for this. Only then will we be freed from the unbearable traffic jam.

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