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Paragraph: Causes and effects of failure in English | HSC|

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The causes and effects of failure in English (200 words)

Failure in English among students can be attributed to various factors, each demanding unique remedies. Firstly, a lack of proficient teachers and adequate resources in many schools hampers students’ language development. To address this, investing in teacher training programs and providing schools with up-to-date materials can significantly improve the quality of English education. Secondly, a widespread fear of speaking in English due to social pressure plays a significant role in failure. Encouraging a supportive environment for practicing spoken English, both in and out of the classroom, can alleviate this fear. Language clubs and conversation partners can be instrumental in building students’ confidence. Furthermore, a limited exposure to English outside of the classroom contributes to the problem. Promoting English-language media, such as movies, TV shows, and books, can foster an environment where students naturally immerse themselves in the language. Inadequate focus on grammar and vocabulary is another common issue. Implementing a structured curriculum that emphasizes these essential aspects of language learning can enhance students’ proficiency. Additionally, regular assessments and feedback can help students identify their weaknesses and work on them effectively. Lastly, the lack of motivation and goal-setting is a critical factor in English failure. Encouraging students to set achievable language goals and linking English proficiency to future career prospects can ignite their passion for learning. In conclusion, the causes of English failure among Bangladeshi students are multifaceted, but with targeted remedies like improving teaching standards, promoting spoken English, increasing exposure to the language, enhancing grammar and vocabulary instruction, and fostering motivation, we can pave the way for success in English language education.

Bullet points: causes and effects of failure in English

Causes of difficulty in learning English:

  • Not enough skilled teachers
  • Inadequate learning materials
  • Fear of speaking English
  • Limited use of English outside of school
  • Insufficient focus on grammar and vocabulary
  • Lack of motivation to learn English


  • Improving teacher training
  • Provide quality learning materials
  • Encourage English speaking clubs
  • Promote English language media
  • Improve grammar and vocabulary learning
  • Explain the career benefits of learning English

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