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Paragraph on Internet (SSC/HSC) 300 words

The Internet is the name given to the interconnectedness of countless computers spread around the world through the use of telecommunication technology. This is the fastest way to transfer data. Internet technology was first used in the world in 1989. Its work is delicate, easy and fast. When a person browses on an electric device such as a mobile phone or computer with internet connection, the internet connection gives him the opportunity to connect with any computer in the country and abroad as per his expectation. This is a milestone in the modern world of communication. Through this we get a lot of important information. Many educational institutions are benefiting greatly from the use of the Internet. It plays a very effective role in business. Internet-based e-commerce has become very popular with consumers. Consumers can buy or choose something through it without going to the market. Moreover, with the help of this, students can read books without going to the library. Nowadays in many countries of the developed world they can take their class lectures from anywhere through internet. They no longer have to go to the classroom. The Internet has opened a new horizon in our communication system. Recent 4G (fourth generation) technology has added a new dimension to internet usage in our country. As a result, people are enjoying many modern conveniences at home. The present government has taken effective steps to implement the progress of internet in our country. In the meantime, all the upazilas of the country have been brought under the Internet. E-payment and mobile banking have been introduced to make the service delivery process easier and more transparent. The process of conducting government procurement process online has been institutionalized. Above all, the present government has successfully launched Bangabandhu Satellite-1 into space, which will provide uninterrupted internet facility in times of disaster as well as provide network services to remote areas of the country.

Internet paragraph (325 words)

The technology used to transmit information from computer to computer using telecommunication technology is called Internet. It is open to the public and data is exchanged through an authentic system called IP or Internet Protocol. The Internet is an acronym for International Network. In fact, it is a network of networks. Although the Internet was widely used in 1991, its real journey began in 1989. The U.S. Department of Defense launched the Advance Research Projects Agency Network (ARPAnet) that year. This is the first step in the computer network world. At present, in the modern world, the Internet is the mainstay of communication
Medium. People are using the internet for various purposes including information exchange, reading newspapers, social networking, reading, research, watching television, listening to radio, collecting information, banking services, ticketing, bill payment, job application etc. Internet-based computer information systems have already developed a Global Information Infrastructure (GII). Web page, Gopher, FTP File etc. are called Internet documents. All these documents have different addresses. Internet account holders are called netizens. The number of netizens in the world is increasing day by day. China is the world’s largest Internet user. The next four countries are America, India, Japan and Brazil. Bangladesh ranks 41st in terms of number of internet users. Some content is required to connect to the Internet. Such as- 1. Computer, II. Modem, 3. Telephone line, 4. Software, 5. ISP (Internet Service Provider). Broadband internet can also be used. Broadband is the technology of internet connection without telephone. At present mobile internet is being used extensively in Bangladesh. If the mobile set in the corner supports GPRS or CDMA then internet can be used with those sets. So now people in remote areas are also getting the opportunity to use the internet. As a result, the whole world is gradually becoming a global village. People are relying on the internet to reap the benefits. So the importance of internet in modern life is immense.

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