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Paragraph on “A street accident” | Class 8,9,10 | JSC,SSC |

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Suppose, you have witnessed an accident recently. Now write a short paragraph on “A road accident” or “A street accident” within 300 words. Follow these

  • When and where the accident took place?
  • Who is/are the victims/victims?
  • What causes road accidents?
  • What is your feeling?
  • What should we do to stop it?

A street accident paragraph for class 8,9 (JSC,SSC) 200 words

Any road accident has a huge impact on the family and national life of the person and it is not desirable. I witnessed a terrible street accident right before my eyes yesterday. It was about 3 o’clock. I was waiting for a friend infront of the Dainik Bangla Building in D. I. T. Avenue, with my face to the north (ie, Purana Paltan Road), I saw an old man trying to cross the road. My eyes followed his movements. When he reached the middle of the road, a car came from the direction of Motijheel Commercial Area. The old man increased his speed to avoid an accident, but just a foot away from the northern sidewalk, he was hit by a truck coming from the direction of Baitul Mukarram, and the truck pushed him before the driver could stop the truck. A wheel of the truck went off on one of the poor man’s legs. I was watching the guy, so I shuddered to see him come in front of the speeding truck and close his eyes. I ran across the road and joined the small crowd gathered in front of the truck. The man was in great pain and it was soon discovered that he had broken a bone in one of his legs. When we were busy with the poor victim, the driver of the truck tried to flee, but he was caught by the police. We then brought the injured person to Dhaka Medical College Hospital as soon as possible. We were told that the broken leg had to be amputated. An hour later I was discharged from the hospital; But the painful look of the poor old man kept revolving in my mind over and over again. I’m scared of accidents and I can’t get back to my normal life.

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