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Air pollution paragraph for class 6,7,8,9,10 | JSC, SSC |

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Air pollution paragraph for class 6/7 (150 words)

We live in the air and inhale it. No living being can live without air. It is a very important element of our environment. Air can be and is polluted in many ways. Smoke is responsible for air pollution. It mixes with air and pollutes it. Man makes fire to cook food, to burn bricks, to burn refuse, to melt pitch. Fire creates smoke and smoke pollutes air. Mills and factories, buses tracks, cars and other vehicles, use petrol, diesel oil. When their fuel and chemicals burn they create smoke, which pollutes air. The cities are filled with fume and smoke from motor vehicles, mills and factories. The most serious air pollution, however occurs in industrial towns where population is very dense.

Air pollution paragraph for class 8 (JSC) 250 words

Pollution of air by smoke, noxious gases, dust etc. means air pollution. Air is an important element of the environment. Air is essential for living organisms. It is the life-giving force. While clean air is essential for life, polluted air is extremely harmful. Air pollution can occur due to various natural and man-made causes. The most common component of air pollution is smoke. Smoke is produced during cooking or burning bricks and garbage. Smoke is still generated when we melt pitch for road construction. Many buses, trucks and cars plying in big cities use fossil fuels like octane, petrol and diesel. When these fuels are burned, they produce toxic black smoke and pollute the air. Factories in large industrial areas are also responsible for serious air pollution. Railway engines and power generation plants also cause air pollution. However, it is not possible to completely prevent air pollution but it can be reduced. We can reduce the use of fossil fuels. At the same time we need to increase the use of renewable energy, which does not pollute the air. Moreover, we need to stop cutting down more trees because trees absorb toxic carbon gas from the atmosphere and keep the environment healthy. We must control air pollution to ensure healthy and happy life and to sustain the existence of life.

Air pollution paragraph for class 9-10 (SSC) 300 words

Since the discovery of fire in ancient times, the destruction of air began. Fires have not only destroyed the balance of the environment favorable to life by reducing the ratio of oxygen in the atmosphere, but also polluted it with smoke and ash particles. Forests take in carbon dioxide and give back oxygen. But people began to destroy forests with the need to build urban settlements. As a result, humans are in a sense participating in their own extinction by shrinking forests, the means of oxygen purification. Energy is generated by the combustion of carbon with oxygen while the vehicle is moving. If combustion is not done properly, some other gases are released along with carbon dioxide gas. The gases released include toxic carbon-monoxide gas. Any sane person would be horrified to think of the consequences of industrial pollutants coming out through black furnaces and poisoning the air. If the air we breathe becomes polluted, it is naturally harmful to our health. Today, scientists think that the main reason for the increase in diseases such as headaches, respiratory diseases, asthma, lung cancer etc. is the increase in the level of air pollution. Even village people are not free from air pollution today. Indiscriminate deforestation must be stopped to prevent air pollution. Even if reforestation is not possible, trees should be planted wherever there is an opportunity. In order to stop the toxic black smoke emitted by vehicles, the movement of vehicles with older engines needs to be banned. Government awareness in this regard is very important. Factories should not be located near towns or settlements. Its furnaces should also have their faces well above the ground. Along with that, we want to ban rocket launch and atomic bomb test explosion in the earth’s atmosphere.

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