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Load Shedding paragraph | All class |

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Load Shedding paragraph 150 words Class 6-7

Load shedding

Load shedding presents the common scenario in Bangladesh without electricity. A deficiency in power generation is the reason of frequent load-shedding. On a summer night which is sticky, hot and hellish, it becomes dark-quite dark everywhere. When load shedding occurs, normal activities of life break down indeed. Fans remain unmoving, electric bulbs are off and it is dark everywhere.The sweltering heat of the summer causes nuisance. People come out of houses almost without dress and sit in the open places. Sometimes they splash cold water on their faces. Students cannot read because of load shedding. National development get hampers because of this. Industrial process get stopped. Load shedding causes a great loss in every sphere of life. The authority should take steps soon.

Load Shedding paragraph 200 words Class 8

A load shedding is a period when the authorities suspend the supply of electricity to an area for a certain period of time. It basically occurs when there is a shortage of supply compared to demand. Nowadays power outages have become a daily routine in our country. The causes of power outages are numerous. Inadequate generation of electricity and excess population demand are the main causes of power outages in our country. Illegal connection of electricity is responsible for power outages. Due to power outages, the factory machinery is temporarily shut down, reducing the production. Fresh food stored in the refrigerator spoils. Power outages at night encourage criminals in their criminal activities. Students cannot study properly due to power outage. Frequent power outages during summer make life unbearable. Modern life is highly dependent on electricity as it is the driving force of all kinds of devices. Hence, any interruption in power supply renders the normal activities of life ineffective. One way to solve this problem is to establish more power generation plants and power stations. The departments under our current government and some private organizations are trying earnestly to solve this problem quickly.

Load Shedding paragraph 250 words Class 9-10 (SSC)

Frequent power cuts, in order to maintain balance between the consumer’s demand and production rate, are called load shedding. It is compared to the worst perspective in city life. As a over populated country, our demand is higher than supply capacity. As a result, we have to face it in our a day to day life. Unethical use of electricity, wrong connection and wastage is another reason. The authority darkens an area and illuminates other area in this process. Load shedding causes effects in national, social and individual life. People feel the hot summer when the electricity is gone. They get themselves busy in fanning themselves using hand. Books are seen dark to the students at night during a load shedding. Cries of babies are heard here and there. Housewives get busy to find a torch in their kitchen. Internet accessibility get hampered. Social crimes are made during load shedding also. Accidents keep happening in the darkness. The foods, preserved in cold storages gets rotten. Load shedding is a harsh reality for our national and day to day life. Due to load shedding every phase of our society face great loss. That’s why, effective measures should be taken soon, in order to decrease load shedding problem. Invalid and incorrect connections should also be closed, system losses should be minimized. If we fail to prevent it, we won’t be able to stay in the float of modernization.

Load Shedding paragraph 300 words Class 12 (HSC)

Load shedding is one of the problems of modern day civic life. It has become evident everywhere in cities and villages. Current civilization is enriched by the contribution of electricity. Electricity not only dispels the darkness of night but also brings prosperity to life. Just like daily use of electricity in household work, electricity is also essential in running factories. Power generation is expensive. The demand for electricity in our country is increasing day by day but new power generation plants are not being built to meet that demand. Economic instability is one of the main reasons for this. The factory faced disaster due to power outage. As a result production is declining, owners are facing financial distress. Due to lack of electricity, the life of hospital patients is miserable. If load shedding cannot be remedied, the misery of public life and the difficulties of children’s education will rise to the extreme. There is an urgent need to take measures to eliminate the irregularity of electricity supply and to make electricity available according to demand. The attention of concerned authorities should be drawn to take necessary measures to prevent power outages.

Quick Revision

Causes of load shedding

  1. A few numbers of electricity production plants
  2. Unethical use of electricity
  3. Wrong connection
  4. Wastage of electricity
  5. . System loss

Effects of load shedding

  1. Economic growth suffers
  2. Essential Internet system get stopped
  3. Examinees can’t prepare for exams. well.
  4. Social crimes get risen.
  5. Essential needs like food supply can’t be done efficiently.
  6. Accidents take place on dark roads.
  7. Hospitals face crisis.
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