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My aim in life paragraph 200 words (Class 7-8)

I want to be a librarian, for I like to remain in the midst of books. I am not over ambitious. I am well aware that a librarian in our country can hardly keep himself above remain content if I can keep my body and soul together. Librarian ship, like any other profession is meant for the ablest man or the most sincere soul. I do not pretend to call myself ablest but certainly I look upon myself as very sincere. As librarian ship implies rendering book service, I shall try, in by humble way, to find the right book for the right reader at the right time. The silent and inspiring atmosphere, of the library has a special charm for me. I shall be content with if I be of any use to my patron and reader. Nothing gives me greater satisfaction than the feeling of being serviceable to others. people run after wealth, fame and fortune, but I seek a job after my choice and a decent living and since librarian ship can afford me both, I want to be a librarian.

My aim in life paragraph 250 words (Class 10-12) SSC HSC

Human life is temporary. People want to fill their life to the brim with success. A life without a goal is like a tree without a stem. I decided, I will be a scientist. I set my goal in life not out of passion, but out of the inescapable urge of necessity. I noticed that in this world of science and technology, my country is only accepting the gift of science with open hands. But not able to make any special contribution in science. I believe that the trend of scientific practice which was started by eminent men such as scientist Jagdish Chandra Bose, Kudrat A Kheda etc. has been severely disrupted today. At present, there is no significant scientist in the country. If the young students of our country do not come forward in science and devote themselves wholeheartedly, we may only survive in this age of science but we will not be able to save anyone with any invention. As we want to live, we also want to save by serving someone. I hope after passing the SSC/HSC exam I will study in any good college in Dhaka and get Bachelor and Master degree in Physics from Dhaka University. Then I will do some science research in a famous university in the United States and I will devote myself to science practice. This science practice will be my goal through which I want to contribute to the world and also take my country forward in science.

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